“Marilyn Monroe once said ‘Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’

Now I realise that it is not that simple however for me it is definitely the first step. The great feeling of strength and empowerment you can feel from wearing a new pair of shoes, dress or even a beautifully tailored suit should never be understated.

It wasn’t so long ago though that I, like many others, found myself in a world of hurt. I felt very lost, alone, unsure of how I got there, and not a clue on how to change my circumstances or even shred of strength left to even try. That was until out of the darkness something amazing happened and I was given hope for a better future.

So I grasped that future in both hands, found my strength once more and I am determined to never it let go.

That is why House of Hope Hill was created with one very strong core value. To infuse strength and confidence in its wearers. So that they can know and feel that they too can achieve anything.

Each and every one of you have the power, inside of you, to achieve your wildest dreams. All you need to do, is Empower Yourself. ” – Hope Hill

All House of Hope Hill items are made to order here in Australia, mainly by Hope herself; then only 50 units of each piece will be created. This brings a feel of craftsmanship that goes into clothes, making Hope’s designs unique and empowering to oppose the craziness of mass produced, cheap garments that rarely last more than one season. When you buy from House of Hope Hill you will gain a beautifully constructed piece of clothing made especially for you, that with proper care, will remain in style for many years to come and paired with other items can be worn season after season.

Help change the world one garment at a time and join the slow fashion movement.